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Relationship Reports

This highly insightful report compliments the Numerology Report and is intended for two people in a romantic relationship. The information in this report is very different from the Numerology Report and is intended for those that want to more fully understand their most intimate relations.

This Relationship Report is full of practical suggestions that can help you and your loved one to have a stronger, more meaningful partnership. By showing the dynamics at work in the relationship, this report can help you to improve your communications together and to better understand each other. (For maximum understanding of the relationship, it is recommended that you get a Numerology Report for each person, in addition to the Relationship Report.)

 The topics covered in each report include:

  • Your Adaptability - How your flexibility and acceptance of each other affects your relationship together.
  • Your Sociability - How you approach and relate to others and how to get the most from this interaction.
  • Your Relations with Parents, Children and other Relatives - How you express yourselves and manage when it comes to your children, parents and relatives and how to best share these important responsibilities within the relationship.
  • Your Sensitivity to Your and Each Others Feelings -  How your emotions and feelings either enhance or detract from creating deeper intimacy with each other.
  • Your Ability to Communicate - The characteristic way you discuss important matters with each other and how to make your communications clearer and more mutually beneficial.
  • Your Ability to Give Love and Affection - How you express your tender, loving side with each other.
  • Your Physical Compatibility - How you both approach your sexual relationship together and what you each need and want from the other.
  •  Your Approach to Material Affairs - How pragmatic and adaptable youeach are when it comes to dealing with everyday life.
  • Your Ability to Earn a Living - Your capabilities to achieve in the business world.
  • Your Mutual Ambitions - What you both want from life and what you're willing to do to achieve your goals.

The Relationship Report is highly recommend for any two people in a romantic relationship and provides valuable, new understanding for those that already have the Numerology Report!

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