AdohrSpirit is dedicated to spiritual growth and personal development of all kind. She believes that everyone has a direct link to the divine. And if we can learn to listen to Divine inspiration; we will be able to access the thoughts and gifts that God has encoded in our minds and hearts that are waiting to be manifested. By enrolling in one of my e-classes, you will be taking the first step in accessing these gifts.

It doesn’t matter where you live since each class is conducted via e-mail. The classes are design with step-by-step concepts and techniques so you can gradually develop your skills. Simply submit your assignments via e-mail along with any questions you may have as I work with you to unlock your divine potential and connect to your own intuitive guidance.

It is important to take your time with each lesson. You may want to re-read the lessons several times so that the concepts will be fully established and integrate into your consciousness. The important thing to remember is that the development of your skills will be in direct proportion to the effort that you put into each class. In order to effectively guide each student to a deeper understanding of each lesson, I have limited each class to only 25 participants. New classes begin every Monday. So take a moment to browse through the list of classes, and then select the class that will help you expand your consciousness to its highest potential.


Unlocking Your Intuitive Gifts and Spiritual Awareness:

This class is designed to open you up to a whole new concept of yourself and your innate intuitive gifts. You will learn how to develop a sense of Oneness with the Universe and a deeper awareness of the internal consciousness of your mind. In addition, you will also learn several meditation techniques and how to determine which to use depending on your desired result. All class material will be provided and will include review questions that are designed to track your progress and ensure your comprehension of the material.

Chakra Awareness:

 The principles of aligning and balancing the chakras are rooted in ancient Indian tradition and knowledge of these practices is valuable to anyone curious about the connection between body and mind. This class will teach you the connection between the chakras and spirituality. You will learn techniques to open, close, and balance the chakras, as well as how to use them consciously in your everyday life. Additionally, you will learn how the charkas are used to raise your vibration in order to connect to the infinite source of Universal Intelligence.


 The study of Numerology is one of the easiest yet least understood of the mystical arts. Numerology is the belief that a relationship exists between numbers and living things. In this class you will learn about the history and evolution of Numerology. In addition, you will learn the basics of numbers and how to calculate and analyze your own name and birthday. At the conclusion of the class you will be required to turn in a mini Numerology reading about yourself.





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