Intuitive Counseling

As an Intuitive Counselor, my intention is to serve my clients and guide them to their highest good. I will show you how to be fully self-expressed both as an individual and as an extension of God’s will. My goal is to inspire you to see the divine, infinite worth of your own existence.

As an Intuitive, I simply validate what my clients already know on an unconscious level. With my ability to tap into the invisible energy that surrounds all of us, I am able to look at the root cause of your concerns and offer effective tools that will give you the power to align yourself with clarity awareness and peace. Together we will change the composition of the energy so that it is a vibrational match to who you really are.

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Reiki and Energy Healing

The Spiritual Medicine for All Illness

For Today Only
Do not Anger
Do not worry
Be Humble
Be Honest in your Work
Be Compassionate to Yourself and Others

We are alive because we are filled with life force energy. This energy constantly flows through our bodies   each and every day. Life force energy nurtures the organs and cells of the body, assisting them in their vital functions.  Within our physical body we have pathways called meridians and chakras; and surrounding our body we have our auric field. Our meridians, chakras and auric field are constantly receive and transmitting vibrational energies from the world around us. When the flow of life force energy is interrupted it results in energy blockages in the form of emotional, physical or mental stress, tension, pain, anxiety or illness.

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Chakra Balancing

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means "wheel". The energy center in the body appear like wheels or balls to those who see energy. Most Eastern traditions describe a system of seven chakras, with each correlating with a different part of the body.

Chakras can become out of balance, effecting well being. When all chakras are balanced, many benefits can be felt. A healthy chakra is in balance and full of moving energy. Where there is dis-ease, the energy slows or becomes blocked. Working with chakras can heal and prevent dis-ease, promoting physical, mental and spiritual health.

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Change the Vibration of Your Name Or Business Name

 Is your current name or business name in vibrational alignment with your life purpose? Are you attracting the clients and situations that are a nature match for you and your business? If not, I can look at your current name and choose the most fortunate name that’s best for you or your business. A name that is in vibrational alignment will assist you in aligning with what you are truly trying to accomplish for yourself and your business.  

Change the Vibration of Your Name or Business

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