Happy Birthday Jada & Will

Mega super star Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinket-Smith both celebrate their birthdays this month.

The couple have been together for 13 years now and as we know in Hollywood, a 13 year marriage is considered an eternity. But somehow in the midst of all of the Hollywood madness, it seems that Jada and Will have figured out a way to maintain their relationship.

One of the things I look for when looking at a couple’s numerology blueprint is the compatibility of the numbers that make up their blueprint.  And for Will and Jada, they have an incredible group of numbers that explain their strong work ethics as well as their amazing spiritual connection.

Will was born on 9/25/1968, which gives him a 25/7 day of birth, 4 lifepath, and 7 attitude.  His 4 lifepath number indicates that he has a strong desire for hard work and discipline and he expects the same from others.  The 4 carries a solid and stable energy.  This energy would make him a very devoted, thoughtful, and considerate partner.  His 25/7 birthday explains his strong desire for knowledge and thirst for spiritual truth.  He probably enjoys reading and would make a very good teacher or professor.  The 7 vibration is also all about privacy.  So, although he loves entertaining the public, he loves his private time as well.  And his 7 attitude just strengthens his desire for higher knowledge and an understanding of the mysteries of life. Because of his 7 vibration, others turn to him for his inner wisdom and his expanded view of life.

Jada was born on 9/18/1971, which gives her a 9 day of birth, 9 lifepath and 9 attitude.  With Jada, what you see is what you get.  The activation of the 9 energy in her blueprint indicates that she came into the world with a lot of wisdom.  She has a strong desire to raise the consciousness of humanity.   Jada is a natural giver and she gives without any thought of reward.  She loves very deeply and is probably very romantic.  Regarding her marriage, she told one reporter, “We are private people and I will throw my career away before I let it break up our marriage. I made it clear to Will.  I’d throw it away completely.”  The 9 vibration makes her a wonderful marriage partner.

Jada is in a 21/3 personal year in 2010, which is the same as the universal personal year.  This is a time for fun, creative endeavors, and socializing with friends.  This can also be a very emotional year for her as well if she’s not given the opportunity to express her truth.

Will is in a 10/1 personal year in 2010, which is a time of new beginnings and planting seeds. This should be a very active year for him.

Will and Jada’s numerology blueprint shows that they have a lot in common.  The 7’s and 9’s in their blueprints show that they have a strong spiritual relationship.  And they innately understand each others needs at a very deep and profound level.

Happy Birthday Will & Jada!

Love, Light, and Blessings



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