Mother's Day

This month we celebrate Mother’s Day a time set aside for honoring our Mothers. The word Mother vibrates to the highly spiritual and intuitive number 34/7. One of the major characteristic of this energy is organized growth and development.

Mother is connected with all of the hidden mysteries of life. Through the mother energy you can integrate the material, mental and spiritual worlds and bring about a systematic approach to your evolution. As mother, you have to be trustworthy and patient with a keen intelligence and a non-discriminate mind. The mother energy embraces patience because she understands that progress takes time. Her family depends on her for straight forward answers to their questions and sound advice for solving their problems.

As mother, she is given an innate sense of wisdom which causes others to constantly seek her guidance. There’s no wonder why Mother is stamped with the distinctive imprint of the number 34/7 energy.  This energy bestows spiritual wisdom gained through careful observation of people, and worldly success by learning through experience. Her strength comes from overcoming disappointments. She possess the rare quality of learning from past mistakes. 

We also have to remember to honor the Mother that provides life force energy to this plant and its inhabitants, MOTHER EARTH. There is no greater cause than respecting and honoring Mother Earth. Lets all make a commitment to do our part by picking up trash in our neighborhoods, avoid wasting energy and consciously living with the understanding that we are all connected. Lets all choose to cultivate love and peace towards Mother Earth. It is up to us; no one can do it for us.

Mothers were given a Divine assignment from God, so let’s remember to always honor our Mother’s.


Affirmation for Mother’s Day: “I honor my full potential as the Divine Feminine MOTHER.”

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