Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon

Let’s talk about Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon and why they were drawn to one another. The reason their connection was so immediate is a result of their powerful life path number. Mariah Carey’s life path number is 2 and Nick Cannon’s is 9.  Both of these numbers are all about love. Emotionally they give to each other equally. The 2 loves being in love and the 9 loves giving love. For these two it’s all about showering each other with an abundance of love.

If Mariah is connected to the positive side of her 2 vibration, Nick could be in for a wonderful treat. Because you can’t get any better than being in a relationship with someone that has a 2 life path. The 2 vibration produces a very healthy relationship. Mariah as a 2 life path is an excellent partner, faithful and affectionate. Not only will she look to Nick to demonstrate love physically, she will constantly seek reassurance and encouragement from him as well.

Mariah can be very cultured, charming, and gracious and as such she makes a wonderful hostess. She loves all things beautiful and this love of visual appearance means not only that she adores the nicer things in life, but that she creates this for others as well. Mariah’s love of beauty is just one more way she creates harmony with the world around her.  She may sometimes appear shy and self-conscious, and can be dependent by nature. Above all companionship is essential to Mariah.

Nick is very passionate and has great consideration for others.  This makes him perfect for marriage. The number 9 is the number for compassion, tolerance and philanthropy. As a 9 life path, Nick is both inspired and inspiring. He is very gifted artistically and can be very innovative, imaginative and quick thinking.  For the 9 life path there is a realization that love equals giving, as well as an acceptance of all people without prejudice.

Nick’s personal magnetism is universal in scope. He has a warm, charming and comforting manner which makes him pleasing to everyone he comes in contact with. Nick is very emotional and can be extremely romantic. And the selflessness that he emanates makes him loved by many. He has a tolerance and compassion for others that allows him to forgive and forget easily. He is generous towards the needy and exemplifies humanitarian traits.

As a 2 life path Mariah gravitates towards living in peace, finding harmonious solutions, and most important finding sensitive partnerships. And Nick as a 9 life path has great passion for wanting to make the world a better place and a deep seated love for people which encourages the philanthropic, humanitarian characteristic of the 9 vibration. So I say more power to these two. And since they both encompass such powerful life path numbers, they will make a huge impact on humanity.

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