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This month I will be discussing the vibration of numbers and how they affect all aspects of our daily lives.  Specifically, I will be discussing the relationship of the numbers that are determined by someone’s date of birth or the letters in their name.  I will select a notable individual that the media has focused on recently and analyze their numbers to determine why they responded to the situation the way they did.  This process of analyzing numbers is called numerology.

 Numerology is the study, philosophy, art and science of understanding the spiritual meaning and logical evolution of all manifestation.  Every word or name vibrates to a number and every number has its inner meaning.  The letter and number code, when accurately understood and applied, brings us into a direct and close relationship with the fundamental intelligence of the universe. These numbers are an expression of the quality of life we lead and they tell us the lesson to be learned during our lifetime.

 Let’s take Aretha Franklin’s recent reactions to a comment made by Beyonce at the Grammy’s last month in which she felt disrespected for not being called “The Queen”.  Ms. Franklin states, “I am not sure of whose toes I may have stepped on or whose ego I may have bruised between the Grammy writers and Beyonce.  However, I dismissed it as a cheap shot for controversy.”  She then goes on to thank the Grammy’s and the voting academy and saying, “love to Beyonce anyway.”

 Aretha Franklin also known as “The Queen of Soul” is the second most honored female singer in Grammy history.   She is one of only three musicians who have place a single on every charted position of the billboard top ten pop singles chart.  Additionally, Aretha Franklin has a total of twenty #1 R&B singles, a record unsurpassed by any other female recording act and a total of seventeen top ten singles on the billboard hot 100.

 The reason Aretha Franklin has achieved such great successes in her career is base on her birthday of March 25, 1942 which means that her lifepath number vibrates to the powerful number 8.  This number is derived from all the numbers in her birth date.  The number 8 symbolize power and ambition.  Her life lesson is to learn how to handle power, authority and money.  And here is why she took issue with the comments made at the Grammy’s.  One of her main goals in life is to gain success for her family and for the family name as a matter of pride.  In addition, she wants her name to be carried on with honor and dignity.  So any attempt to take away the pride and dignity of her name causes her to rebel.  And as an 8 lifepath, she tends to tell the truth about what she is thinking, neglecting to edit her remarks for the larger audience.  Thus it is common for her to be misinterpreted by others.

The other numbers that are a part of Aretha Franklin vibration is the number 7 which represent the day of the month she was born and the number 1 which is derived from adding the day of month with the actual month she was born. A brief description of her 7 vibration indicates that she makes a bigger difference in the world then she realize.  The 1 vibration tells me that she is completely self-motivated.  She may feel that she is good at what she does, but on the other hand, not good enough.  That’s why she needs praise from others.  If you believe in her, there is nothing she can’t accomplish.  But if you don’t, she will rebel.  All hail “The Queen of Soul”.

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