Kerry Washington has always been one of my favorite actresses.  She is the super talented star of the ABC drama “Scandal” and has appeared in numerous movies such as; “Django Unchained”, “The Last King of Scotland”, “Ray”, “I Think I Love My Wife”, “For Color Girls”, “Fantastic Four 2” and “A Thousand Words”.   She has always been a shining example of beauty, passion and intelligence. Not only is she an amazing actress but she is a dedicated humanitarian.  She is an active member of the V-Counsel, which is a group of advisors to V-Day; a global organization designed to end violence against women and girls.  She is also a member of the President’s Committee on Arts and Humanities as well as donated her time to the Adopt-a-Class and Green America programs.  Her passion, drive, ambition and desire to give back and create solid foundations for young girls and women are all revealed in her numerology blueprint.

“I don’t have to be perfect.  All I have to do is show up and enjoy the messy, imperfect and beautiful journey of my life.  It’s a trip more wonderful than I could have imagined.”

~Kerry Washington

 Kerry Washington’s destiny number, which is derived from her full name, breaks down to the compassionate humanitarian number 9.  The number 9 energy has a great passion for wanting to make the world a better place and a deep seated love for people that kindles the philanthropic, humanitarian characteristic of the 9 energy.  It strongly promotes the improvement of human kind. 

The vibration of the number 9 makes her a global thinker and someone that is always looking at the bigger picture.  It is also and emotional energy that moves from one extreme to the next.  It will fluctuate from intense anger to great tolerance, from passionate outcries to detached observation. It is and intense, transformative number.  The 9 vibration gives Kerry a strong understanding of the basic goodness of humankind, a deep love of humanity, and a deep understanding of the universal laws of divine order.

 Kerry’s strong creative drive, confident outgoing personality and constant strive towards success is a result of the vibrations found in her birth date.  She was born on 1/31/1977, which gives her a double 31/4 vibration because her lifepath number and birthday number both vibrate to the number 31/4.  The 4 vibration is all about discipline and following the rules; it is serious and cautious.  4 is a very grounding energy.  It is methodical, it builds, endures, preserves, makes order and systematizes.  The number 4 represents the principle that creates form and foundation for plans, dreams, ideas patterns, philosophies, thoughts and feelings, and gives form to things as well as stabilizes and structures them.

 In 2013, Kerry will be seeking harmony and balance in all that she does because she will be in a 2 personal year cycle. The 2 personal year cycle is all about seeking compromise and finding ways to relates to others.  Cooperation is the lesson this year.  She should take this time to listen, be sensitive to others needs and slow things down a little.  Since this is a time of adaptability and balance, she should allow herself the time and space to backup and regroup.  Because this will allow her to find a quiet, soothing rhythm to life and may even experience a true sense of peacefulness.

 Love, Light, and Riches Blessings


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