Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard this phrase, “Get Your Life”. It’s been made popular by the talented Tamar Braxton. Tamar is the over the top boisterous star of the reality show Tamar & Vince. She is also a member of the R& B group The Braxton and appeared on the reality show Braxton Family Values with members of her family. Not only is she a singer; she’s also a songwriter, television personality, dancer and actress.  Tamar has succeeded in breaking away from the family business and through hard work and dedication she has managed to place her own personal stamp on the entertainment industry.

“I have a fabulous life:  I have a big ass house, three cars, I fly first class all around the world … some would say I have the perfect life and those people are absolutely right.”

~Tamar Braxton

Tamar’s numerology blueprint reveals a great deal about her intense desire to be recognized for her own personal achievements.  She was born on 3/17/1977, which adds up to the number 8 and her birthday is the 17th which also breaks down to the number 8.  And coincidentally, her famous phrase “Get Your Life” also adds up to the number 8.


The energy of the number 8 is all about authority, achievement, money, expansion and being intensely active. Tamar probably has a strong desire for work and the thrill of successfully attaining a worthy goal.  The double 8’s in her blueprint would cause her to have a burning desire for power, vision and financial success.  She is most likely an excellent judge of character and has a unique gift for seeing a person’s potential.  Even though she can be forceful, she has the ability to be fair and to see both sides of a situation.  The lesson for Tamar as she grows into this very intense 8 energy is to learn the correct use of power, and as she does this, she will learn to believe in her own personal power without dominance or intimidation.  Additionally, she would have learned the major lessons of empowerment that the 8 energy brings along with claiming and utilizing her own gift of power.

In 2013, Tamar will be entering an 8 personal year.  The 8 personal year is a very active and busy year.  In numerology, the number 8 is the symbol of eternity and it is also a symbol of stamina and continual energy.  It is interesting to note that the 8 was originally drawn to represent two worlds, the spiritual and the physical, one above the other.  And the influence of this vibration is that the energy of both worlds is necessary for complete success. Thus in 2013, Tamar will be faced with the issue of her own personal power.  She will be challenged to take the lead and begin to empower herself.  Tamar will be thrust into the role of the leader in her career and business.  This will be a very powerful cycle of power, money and recognition for her.  She will be presented with many opportunities and this is the time that she should make the most of all of them.

Love, Light, and Richest Blessings


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