Brittney Griner is a super talented female basketball player who recently became the second female basketball player to throw down a one-handed dunk in a game.  Her undefeated 40-0 Baylor University team won the 2012 NCAA Division one Women’s Basketball Championship and she was selected to represent the USA basketball team at the 2012 Olympics games.  Brittney’s drive, dedication and keen sense of observation can be explained by the numbers in her numerology blueprint.

Her current name, Brittney Griner, as well as her jersey number (42) both vibrate to the numbers 42/6. The numbers 42/6 would indicate that she is very responsible.  She has a strong desire to meet all of her obligations and can be depended on to follow through on her promises.  She may sometimes be protective and nurturing towards her friends and teammates.  This is because the 6 energy love their friends very deeply and are concerned and sympathetic to their needs.  If her teammates need help, she will generously offer whatever she has.  The 6 vibration would also cause Brittney to have a strong desire for peace and harmony, but if that peace is compromised she will fight for her beliefs against all opposition.  This determination can bring her success and fame in whatever profession she chooses.

“The price of greatness is responsibility.”

~Winston Churchill

Her destiny number which is derived from her birth name, Brittney Yevette Griner, vibrates to the number 7.  The 7 vibration has shown up in many of the major miles stones in Brittney life.  Starting with her senior year of high school where she led her team to the state championship with her team scoring 43 points (43 breaks down to the number 7).  She also set a single-game record of 7 dunks and dunked a total of 52 times as a senior (52 breaks down to the number 7).  The mayor of the city of Huston where Brittney was born declared May 7th Brittney Griner Day.  After high school, Brittney attended Baylor which breaks down to the number 7.  As a freshman at Baylor, she blocked 223 shots, setting a single season record (223 breaks down to the number 7).  This made her one of the greatest shot blockers in women’s basketball history.  According to the mathematician Pythagoras, the number 7 is the most sacred of all numbers.   It is believed that the presents of this number in a person’s life blesses them with divine realization and self-mastery.

This year Brittney is in a 6 personal year, which is all about a sense of duty and responsibility.  It’s also a time of great abundance and generosity.  And because of all of her great achievements she’s experienced this year, she will probably have a strong desire to give back and share her abundance.  In 2013 she will be moving into a 7 person year which will be a time of gratitude and reflection on all the good she’s experienced in the previous year.  She will have a strong desire to seek solitude because this is a time when she has to tune in to her inner guidance so she can be guided to the next right action in her career.

Love, Light and Richest Blessings



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