Gabby Douglas

It has never been done before.  

On July 31st and August 2nd Gabby Douglas made history. The 16 year old gymnast became the 1st African American female to win an Olympic Gold Medal in the individual all-around competition as well as the 1st American gymnast to win a gold medal in both the individual all-around and the team competition at the same Olympic game. Gabby’s loving, magnetic, responsible, energetic, hardworking nature is clear in her numerology blueprint.

                “History is written by victors.”  ~ Winston Churchill

She was born Gabrielle Christina Victoria Douglas on 12/31/94.  Her Destiny number which is derived from her birthname is the 24/6 and is all about love, money and creativity.  The number 24 reduces to the number 6. Her number 6 Destiny gives her a truly outstanding sense of responsibility, love and balance.  The 6 vibration is very helpful and conscientious and it gives her the ability to rectify and balance any kind of inharmonious situation.  

Gabby’s Lifepath and Birthday both vibrate to the self-contained, self-sufficient number 31/4. The 4 energy represents individualism, originality, inventiveness and tolerance.  A person with this vibration is sometime considered a genius or at least display some semblance of high intelligence.  She may exhibit unconventional behavior and experience sudden and unexpected events in her live.  But if the 4 energy is told that something is impossible, this only intensifies and spurs their resolve to prove it is possible.  Overcoming mental challenges is embedded in the very soul of the person that is born with the 4 energy.

And by the way, she won one of her gold medals on the 31st  which reduces to the number 4 and the other on the 2nd which is  in alignment with the 2, 4, 8 trilogy that is active in her numerology blueprint.  She also wore the number 411 on the night she won one of her gold medals which reduces to the number 6, that is also in alignment with the 3, 6, 9 trilogy which is also active in her numerology blueprint.

Her current name Gabby Douglas vibrates to the number 36/9.  The number 36 is about integrity, wisdom, vision and acceptance.  It is also known as a number of courage and power, with a touch of enchantment.  Her intellect and imagination have sown good seeds that are sure to reap a rich harvest.  With this 36 vibration, she can count on her hard work to bring her great rewards.  The number 36 reduces to the number 9 which is all about compassion, courage, originality and initiative. With this 9 energy she can appear to be super driven and determine to get what she wants, which can sometime be confused with being stubborn.  Gabby can be generous to a fault.  She needs no lesson in giving because her first instinct is to give to let go and let tomorrow take care of itself.

This year Gabby is experiencing a 3 personal year. The 3 personal year is all about relaxing and enjoying life.  It’s also about expressing yourself creatively and allowing yourself to experience exhilarating enthusiasm.  This 3 year will bring the best of exciting and fun-filled times for her.  She has to be mindful to appreciate the cheerful and optimistic environment she may find herself in.  She should try not to waste her energy or resources on people and thing that do not serve her highest good.   She can expect to have a very active social life and will probably have invitations and a desire to organize social gatherings of her own.  Gabby should make the most of this exceptionally joyous 3 personal year.  And she should bask in the good fortune that she is experiencing right now.

Love, Light and Richest Blessings


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